About the W Falls Chamber of Commerce and Community Inc

The Wentworth Falls Chamber of Commerce and Community Inc (WFCCC Inc) was established over 25 years ago to help foster the development of business in the village. For the last three years the title 'Community' was added to provide a community voice and take on wider community issues  The WFCC Inc has had a significant impact on the local area, and the dedication and commitment of many members over the years has resulted in great improvements in around the town. These include the installation and maintenance of lighting, signage, flagpoles, flower pots, benches, car parks, gardens, paving, fencing and annual Christmas decorations

In addition, CCTV throughout the village was organised with a grant from the Commonwealth Dept of Attorney General. The WFCCC Inc also maintains Coronation Park and organises the Anzac and Remembrance Day Services in Wentworth Falls village.￿

Our mission is to provide a forum for people in business and the community to discuss and exchange views and ideas to facilitate the commercial and community interests in Wentworth Falls and to promote the long term, sustainable growth of the village as a tourist destination and community.

Meetings are held at 6.00pm on the first Monday every third month at The Grandview Hotel. All welcome!

Businesses engaged in commerce, trade, services, industry or manufacture in Wentworth Falls are welcome to join The Chamber of Commerce and Community. A membership form is attached below. Annual fee is $110 for businesses and members receive a free listing on this website.

Members of the community may join as non voting associate members for $25 pa. The Community subscription fee is used for the maintenance of Coronation Park gardens and the conduct of the Anzac and Remembrance Day services

Please make cheques payable to The Wentworth Falls Chamber of Commerce and Community and mail to PO Box 51, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782.

Elections for positions on the board are held at the AGM in November.

Chamber Committee for 2021/2022

Lew Hird, President

Jason Cronshaw, Vice President

Rita Fisher, Secretary

Bill McCabe, Treasurer

Bill McCabe, Public Officer

Committee Members, Eric Moore, Jon Guyer, Graeme Hudson,

Subcommittee Coordinators

Memorials Subcommittee: Jon Guyer, 

Coronation Park Subcommittee: Graeme Hudson

Membership Subcommittee: Jason Cronshaw

Newsletter Subcommittee: Eric Moore

Member businesses are listed on this website free of charge.

Email/Web Update Requests: Lew Hird,

Phone 0409 075 554,￿info@wentworthfalls.org.au

Address: President
PO Box 51
Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
Phone No: 0409075554
Email Address: