Wentworth Pass Walk directions

From the car park area, walk 300 metres along the tarred road to Wentworth Falls Lookout, where a large sign indicates the start of the National Pass and Wentworth Pass walking tracks. Head downhill for 400 metres and turn right at the first fork, following signs to National Pass. Shortly afterwards, turn left and then immediately right, following steps down to the top of falls, where you cross on stepping stones. After a short level stretch, the track descends steeply down a series of old stone steps carved into the side of the cliff.

The track crosses back across Jamison Creek, immediately below the first drop of Wentworth Falls. (Take care to cross at the right spot, where a handline marks the best way across.) The track now zigzags westwards, hugging the base of the cliff. Keep your eyes out and after 200 metres or so, you'll see a track hairpinning back down to your left, signposted to Slack Stairs. These stairs, consisting of nine sets of extremely steep ladders, are not for the faint-hearted. However, they are in fact quite safe and, with good adult supervision, okay for level-headed older children.

As the track meets the creek, turn left and follow the short side-track to the base of the second drop of Wentworth Falls, where water cascades into a deep pool surrounded by a wide sandy beach.

Return to the main track and, staying on the right-hand side of the creek, follow the signs to Wentworth Pass. The track now continues along the base of the cliffline, passing through open forest of eucalypt and angophora, interspersed with moist pockets of tree ferns, lillipilli and sedges. After about 1.5 kilometres the track crosses three old iron footbridges and comes to a T-junction. (The track to the left goes to Vera Falls, see walk variations below.)  Turn right, following the creek upstream.

A couple of minutes later, the main track crosses the creek again. There used to be a bridge here, but now you have to pick your way over the boulders. Sharp eyes will notice two blue metal markers nailed to boulders either side of the creek.

After about five minutes more walking uphill there's a T-junction with the National Pass. Head left, crossing the creek twice more (once at Lodore Falls, once at Empress Falls). The deep pools at Empress Falls are the last decent waterhole in the walk.

At the next junction, fork to the right uphill, following signs to the Conservation Hut. Three sets of metal ladders lead up to Empress Lookout, followed shortly afterwards by Queen Victoria Lookout.

Just before the Conservation Hut finally appears on the horizon (although take a break here if you like), take the Shortcut Track leading off to your right. A level 20-minute walk takes you back to the Picnic Area where you started.

For more track notes, plus a full map of this walk, refer to Blue Mountains Best Bushwalks, published by Woodslane Press and available from Lamdha Books in Wentworth Falls village, or online via http://www.woodslane.com.au.