AGM of Wentworth Falls Chamber of Commerce and Community Inc.

The following Motions were passed at the AGM

1. That the decision of the Wentworth Falls Chamber of Commerce and Community Inc. to join the hub associated with Blue Mountains Inc. be deferred for twelve months or to another date determined to be practicable"
2. That in lieu of the impact of COVID lockdowns on business that subscriptions for business members for the 2021-22 financial year be reduced by 50% and that membership for new members in the financial year 2021-22 be free. Membership for community members is retained at $25 for the financial; year 2021-22.
The following were electec to the executive:
President: Lew Hird
Vice President: Jason Cronshaw
Secretary: Rita Fisher
Treasurer: Bill McCabe
Appointed Public Officer: Bill McCabe
Committee Members:  Rev Jon Guyer, Eric Moore, Graeme Hudson
Sub Committee Conveners: Rev Jon Guyer (memorials) Graeme Hudson (Coronation Park) Eric Moore (Newsletter) Jason Cronshaw (Membership)
Lew Hird (President) Rita Fisher (Secretary)

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