3 Jul 2017

Chamber News - Celebration on 21st July of 150 years since the railway came to Wentworth Falls

Join the Wentworth Falls Chamber and Community in association with Transport heritage NSW and Valley Heights Rail Museum to celebrate the coming of the railway to Wentworth Falls (then called Weatherboard) 150 years ago on the 21st July. The celebration will take place at Coronation Park starting at 12.20pm.
Looking forward to seeing many Wentworth Falls folk at the ceremony as well as the steam train passengers.

Friday 21st July 2017 WENTWORTH FALLS Transport Heritage NSW are coming with the Steam Train.
The public can travel aboard the Steam Train from Central departing 10:00am. The train will stop to pick up at Penrith (11:09), Springwood (11:40) and Lawson (12:06) enroute, arriving at Wentworth Falls at 12:17pm. 
Tickets will need to be pre-booked and are available:  online at  nswrailmuseum.com.au or by calling Calling 1300 11 55 99  
Ticket prices from Central  Adult $ 60.00 Concession $ 55.00 Children (Aged 2-16) $30.00
 Ticket prices from Penrith, VH, Springwood or Lawson Price Adult $ 35.00 Concession $ 30.00 Children (Aged 2-16) $17.50 
 Note: This is a one way train journey to Wentworth Falls
The Steam train will depart (empty) at 12:50pm. 
Lunch can be purchased from the many local outlets close by in Wentworth Falls. Passengers will need to make their own return journey arrangements aboard a regular train service. 
On arrival, a 30 minute ceremony will be held in Memorial Park (adjacent to the Railway Station).  Band  Speeches  Cake Cutting 
This is NOT a Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink or Transport Heritage NSW Event.
 People wanting to buy tickets on either the Friday train to Wentworth Falls or the short local shuttles trips on either Saturday or Sunday can book them through the NSW Rail Museum via this link - https://www.nswrailmuseum.com.au/bm150 
For those who want to purchase tickets and do not have Internet access they can do so by calling 1300 11 55 99 but they will need a credit card to do so. If people do not have Internet or a Credit card the only alternative is for them to get a family member or friend to make the booking on their behalf. The important thing to remember is Tickets have to be purchased in advance.