4 Jul 2017

Winter Newsletter

A precise of the minutes of the meeting.
Of note is the lack of support for pedestrian safety on the Wentworth Falls rail bridge at Station street by firstly BMCC in delining to provide a pedestrian safety barrier along the length of the bridge and secondly a rejection by the Min of Regional Roads Maritime and Transport to consider a realignment of the bridge to improve pedestrian and traffic safety. This is most disappointing.
At the next meeting we will need to discuss the course of action to take this issue further. Next meeting Monday 7th Aug at 6pm Grand View Hotel. Look forward to seeing you there.

CCTV update - Bill McCabe reported a malfunction in one camera which was attended to, in the absence of the service providers, by the Treasurer and President. The fault was rectified. Bill reported that the NBN facility was not working. This was provided gratis by the service provider for 12 months. Bill indicated that at the expiration of the 12 months the facility would be dropped as the WFCCC could not afford to maintain the cost of the NBN without greater subscription input from businesses in Wentworth Falls Village. The implication of no NBN is that the police cannot remotely log in to the system. In the event of an incident either the President or Treasurer must access the system at the hub and download the relevant footage to a USB and hand this to police. This is the status quo and will remain so unless increased subscriptions from businesses are forthcoming. 
Mountains Combined Chambers & Community (MCC&C) The Greater Sydney Commission continue their push for low cost affordable housing across the western suburbs and Blue Mountains. The second Sydney Airport is scheduled to begin operations in 2026 with approx 5 million passengers per year building to 80 million passengers per year by 2060. It was emphasised that no merging of flight paths will occur over urban areas and that the airport will operate 24 hours/day. It is estimated that the proposed airport will generate 750 direct jobs for each 1 million passengers. In addition there would be indirect and induced jobs for people in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. It was indicated that already 25% of flights at Kingsford Smith Airport fly over the Blue Mountains LGA. The impacts are significant for the Blue Mountains in terms of potential tourist numbers and the need for tourism infrastructure. It will also have ramifications for exacerbating problems associated with attracting labour in the tourism industry. The MCCC had made a submission to BMCC on the Destination Management Plan a strategy to plan for tourism in the Blue Mountains to 2025. The submission made the point that the time frame should have been beyond 2026 to encompass the implications of the Western Sydney Airport.
Bridge Safety at Railway Crossing Request for safety provisions at the Wentworth Falls rail bridge:
 Letters had been sent to the GM, BMCC and relevant local and state ministers. Trish Doyle forwarded letters to the Ministers seeking their support for a new realigned bridge structure. All have acknowledged receipt. BMCC is looking into the request for an interim provision of a pedestrian safety railing on the current bridge. All schools in Wentworth Falls supported the recommendations of the WFCCC letters. 
New lifts at Railway Station As reported in the Gazette, the lifts are expected to operate by June. 
Memorials and flags - More volunteers are required to assist with the ceremonial events. If you can volunteer, please contact John Bushell on 0400 136 517. It was moved that there be a rotation of different country flags at the flag poles to the entrance of the village. International celebratory dates and purchase of flags to be investigated. 
Christmas Banner It was proposed to hang a Christmas banner in the same location and of the same size as the memorial banners in Coronation Park. Costings to be advised at the next quarterly meeting. 
Next Meeting will be held on Monday 7th August at 6.00pm at the Grand View Hotel. 
Contacts - Lew Hird, President - 0409 075 554    Bill McCabe, Treasurer - 0422 449 732