29 Mar 2020

Sign the Petition for Station Street bridge

The mountains community is calling on BMCC to address the safety concerns regarding the over-rail bridge

Sign the petition here.

Members of the upper mountains community call on Blue Mountains City Council to urgently allocate funding and undertake appropriate works to address the safety of pedestrians and vehicles on the over-rail bridge at Wentworth Falls.

These matters were identified as very high risks for pedestrians vehicles in the engineering report to Council dated June 2016. The report stated that these very high risks needed to be addressed within six months.

Every day, school children, commuters, and shoppers cross the narrow and unguarded pedestrian path on the edge of the Station Street bridge, dashing down the steep curb across to the railway station path, traffic hidden by the sweeping corner leading up to the bridge. The bridge was rated second-worst of the five mountains bridges with safety concerns.

By simply putting in safety railings, council can prevent a serious accident and protect vulnerable members of our community at this busy and growing intersection of road and foot traffic.

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