10 Aug 2015

Wentworth Falls Chamber of Commerce and Community

At the 2014 ASGM the members voted to change our Constitution to allow for Community Members. With that there is also a change of the name of the association.

Objects of the Wentworth Falls Chamber of Commerce and Community i. Encourage and promote commercial and tourist activities within Wentworth Falls; ii. Protect and enhance the village character and atmosphere of Wentworth Falls by planning for long term improvements to the streetscape and encouraging village scale commercial activities; iii. Encourage sustainable commercial activity and tourism, and ecologically sustainable and socially responsible business practises; iv. As a peak body representing business, provide a unified voice to the wider community, BMCC and State and Federal agencies, and liaise/engage with community groups and other organisations to support and foster commercial activities, tourism and the enhancement of the village atmosphere; v. Raise funds through membership subscriptions, levies, fund raising activities and grants; vi. Contribute to the urban design of the village to improve issues of security and reduce the incidence of vandalism and graffiti; vii. Provide a regular forum for the discussion and dissemination of information to support the objectives of the Chamber. Download the updated Policies and Procedures here.